The core of our being is the act of perceiving, and the magic of our being is the act of awareness. Perception and awareness are a single, functional, inextricable unit. Carlos Castaneda

L'essenza del nostro essere è la percezione, la magia del nostro essere è la consapevolezza. Percezione e consapevolezza formano un'unica, funzionale, inestricabile unità. Carlos Castaneda

L'essence de notre être est la perception, la magie de notre être réside dans notre conscience. Perception et conscience forment une seule, fonctionnelle, inextricable unité. Carlos Castaneda


English dad and Swiss mom. Lived in England, France and Switzerland before coming to Italy. In the seventies and eighties worked in the studios as a solo singer or for vocal backings (mostly commercials: Coca-cola Italy, Xmas Coca-cola Italy, Fiat, Seven-up, etc...).

I have also studied operatic singing with Claudia Nizza and Gabriella Rossi and got a diploma at the Civica Scuola di Musica in Milan as a contralto. Started teaching voice technique (pop and soul).

My first book 'LA VOCE, tecnica e storia del canto dal gregoriano al rock' was published by Franco Muzzio Editore in 1985.

Started practising meditation in the late eighties (Kriya yoga, recapitulation and more recently Tensegrity and Transurfing) and gradually transferred what I was learning into my singing. My second book 'L'ANIMA NELLA VOCE' was published in 2006 by Urra-Apogeo (Feltrinelli group) and relates about what I discovered.

My working activity consists mostly in teaching voice technique and using it as a bridge to help the awakening of consciousness and to improve life quality. I am especially interested in all voice problems which for me represent the conflicts and the disharmonies we often have to come to terms with.

My first book now titled 'LA VOCE, tecnica storia e consapevolezza del canto' was republished in september 2011 (Emmebi Edizioni-Firenze). This has meant that I nearly had to write it all over again plus adding personal considerations that come from my teaching experience.


In October 2020 have published a new book, a novel situated in the 18th century:

"La vita insolita di mr. Adam Archer, contralto", which was also translated in English. (More infos on the next page: teaching, singing and books)


My working activity also consists in collaborating with a well known italian music publishing house as a professional music engraver.

Occasionally, I also enjoy being the vocal coach or writing vocal backings for new musical productions.

Also interested in video creations (see in video making).