Song composer for the documentary UN ALGIDO SPILLO PUNGENTE (2013)

prod. Miro Film, director Renata Tardani 

(LET ME SHINE was sung by Ottavia Bruno and arranged by Alberto Mompellio)


I am also the singer of the popular and very beautiful song HINE MA TOV you can hear at the beginning of the film


Song composer for LA MIA SCUOLA (2011)

prod. Miro Film with Opera Pizzigoni, director Renata Tardani

(STICK TO JOY was sung by Ottavia Bruno, piano arrangement by Alberto Mompellio)

enjoy the trailer: 


Vocals for Christmas Cocacola Italy ('70s)

prod. Circle

long time ago... I can't really remember who were the other singers


Useful links

Avatara, sound studio and rehearsal rooms


Alberto Mompellio, arranger and composer


Ottavia Bruno, illustrator


Shirley Goddard, casting director


Simona Adriani, web designer